Built for process servers' safety.

The mission of Erin's List is to empower and engage process servers with a free, integrated toolset focused on their personal safety while further providing awareness to the dangers of our profession.

What is Erin's List

The purpose of Erin's List is to provide process servers with relevant information about the addresses of their assignments. Knowledge of any dangerous incidents reported allows process servers to be prepared and make better choices about their safety. Attempt times, alerting authorities of your assignment, which neighbors to avoid or possibly even accepting the assignment could be influenced with the information learned from Erin's List. Erin's List provides a way for users to make record of addresses where dangerous activities or threatening statements were encountered while attempting to serve civil process. Accessing Erin's List as part of any preparation routine for assignments will reveal potentially lifesaving information.

Erin McCleskey

June 15, 2016 was Erin McCleskey’s last day. Erin was attempting to serve process at an address in Austin, she’d been there before and had she not been viciously attacked by dogs she likely would have been going back. Learn more about Erin

Track threatening or dangerous address

Knowing of an address where a threatening event was recorded either as the location named in your assignment or near your assignment is the best defense to ensure your safety. Learn more

How it works

Erin's List was designed with every process server in mind. Regardless of the type of work you do, whether you are full time or part time or what area you operate in Erin's List can be utilized by you.

Address Tracking

Erin's List is designed to provide better tracking of threatening or dangerous encounters by Process Servers.

Crowd Source

Erin's List is only as powerful as its user base supports it to be.

Free Service

The development and marketing of the service has been donated entirely and the goal is to continue supporting the service and offering upgrades at no cost to you.

Integrated search and reporting API

Search and report incidents electronically through our Web Service API.

A Poem for Erin

"Her spirit so welcoming, her heart as warm as the sun. Anytime she was around, you can guarantee it was fun. Her laugh was contagious, her smile could light up a room. This is not goodbye forever, this is we will see you soon. "

Randi Shapiro